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Sprouts : A Luke Bayes Project

Luke Bayes of Pattern Park has a new open source tool set project called Sprouts. You can read all about it on the site but it warrants some attention, so here ya go.

The project is based on Ruby and Ruby Gems and requires their easy installation.

Installing Sprouts is so simple it is hard to believe. Once Ruby with Gems is installed just type gem install sprout in the command line.
I was prompted to choose a platform (mswin32 for me). The project is smart, detecting absent dependencies prompting me to type y to approve download and installation. eg. rubyzip, rails, net-ssh.
‘Successfully installed’, ‘Installing ri documentation’ and ‘Installing RDoc documentation’ messages were then displayed for each gem dependency.

So far i’m about 5 minutes in. please note i’m working with a dsl line and an environment with no prior ruby instalations. if you already have Ruby with Gems or a faster connection you would be about 1 minute in.

Let’s create a sprout (a new project) called MyProject.
In the command line navigate to the directory in which you would like the sprout created and then type sprout -n as3 MyProject

I’m prompted to approve the installation of the sprout-flashplayer-bundle. Type y and the bundle and its corresponding documentation are installed. This is followed by a few ‘create … ‘ outputs to my cmd line.

When I view the contents of my destination directory I can see a new directory called MyProject, inside of which are a set of dirs that you are probably familiar with; assets, bin, lib, script, src and test.
Luke said that he started developing the Sprouts project so that he could avoid manually creating these folders whith every new undertaking. But he has ended up doing much more.

Let’s make a swf.
If you haven’t cd’ed into the MyProject dir yet, do so. Run the rake task (comparable to unix make task) by typing rake into the cmd line.
A few more tools (asunit, corelib, flex sdk) are downloaded and installed for you.
This project downloads and installs tools for you! The Sprouts project automates the installation and configuration of your ActionScript development environment. Those of you coming from (F)AMES can certainly appreciate this time saver.

A trace statement spits out to my cmd window indicating MyProject had been instaciated and a swf displaying the Sprouts logo pops up in the flash player.

12 minutes (5 if you have a decent connection) and I have my first swf generated completely via command line. No GUI, IDE, or lisence fee required.


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