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Skinning A Canvas With A Swf Using CSS / Add A Background Image To A Canvas

Using swf assets to skin an application is popular but often requires us to use different style attributes in css. While attempting to add (update) a background image to a canvas I ran into the following issue.
The canvas had a background image supplied through css using a class reference. This was the existing entry in the css -

    Canvas {
        background-image: ClassReference("myskins.CanvasBackgroundSkin");

The update invloved using a symbol / skin from a swf that was created in Illustrator
I thought the following change to the css would work. It did not -

    Canvas {
        background-image: Embed(source="assets/skins/mySkins.swf", symbol="canvasBackground_upSkin");

Instead this worked -

       border-skin:  Embed(source="assets/skins/mySkins.swf", symbol="canvasBackground_upSkin");

Adding skins and styles to components can be trying if it’s not something you do very often. This is a simple example but I hope this helps someone.

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