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Simple Water Table

Since the weather has turned warmer my son has taken to playing in water.
At a recent child’s birthday party the kids delighted in playing with standing water and water toys. I thought I might enhance this experience a bit and built this water table.

- Water pump (originally intended for a fish tank)
- Storage bin (rubber/plastic)
- 1/2″ pvc
- 1/2″ pvc corners, T’s and caps
- length of garden hose to attach the pump to the pvc

The most expensive component is the water pump. Depending on how the size of your table and desired spraying power the pump can cost $20-$100. The pumps use a ‘gallons per hour’ (gph) rating system. Fortunately I was able to source a pump from a local thrift store: 500 gph for $10, so keep your eyes open next time you’re suit shopping.

Next I bought a ~$10 storage tub from target.
The 1/2″ pvc and connectors I had in the garage, left over from another project.

The concept is simple enough:
• the bin is filled with water
• the pump is submerged
• the output of the pump is attached to the pvc with a length of hose
• the pvc protrudes through the top of the bin, the ends are capped and 1/8″ holes are drilled in the pvc wherever you want water to shoot out

This took only a few hours to build and the entertainment value has been off the charts.
If you have the inclination I strongly encourage you to build one of your own.

The pvc has small holes drilled into it to let the water shoot out. The bin lid has 1/4: holes drilled into it allowing the water to return to the resevoir.

The pvc has small holes drilled into it to let the water shoot out. The bin lid has 1/4″ holes allowing the water to return to the reservoir.



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