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Refund for FlashBuilder 4 Upgrade

Having multiple versions of FlashBuilder 4 Standard installed on my machine (beta, educational, plug-in, stand alone) I figured that one of them would be eligible for an upgrade to Premium. I found this not to be the case when I purchased an upgrade from the Adobe Store and attempted to use the resulting serial number.

Initially I filed a help ticket through the Support Portal link provided in the ‘receipt’ email. No love.
Ultimately, a refund was issued by a LivePerson chat representative and the whole process took less than 3 minutes.

The link to ‘Chat’ was near the top of the ‘Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions’ page whose url was provided in the ‘receipt’ email.

Adobe appears to have made a good choice in using LivePerson for their chat support.
If I ever need chat support I will have to consider LivePerson.


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