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Installing ANT for Flexbuilder 3

Recently I did a fresh install of Flexbuilder 3 but to my surprise Ant did not work.Ant ships with Flexbuilder 3 but was not active after install. In short, you will need to run an eclipse update to get it working.

I gleaned the basics from Flexbuilder 2 instruction, a blog post from Peter Elst. Thanks Peter.

To activate Ant in Flexbuilder 3:

1. Launch Flex Builder 3
2. Go to Help > Software Updates > Find and Install
3. Search for new features to install, click next
4. Select The Eclipse Project Updates > next
5. Select a mirror > next
6. Select the feature to install – Expand The Eclipse Project Updates to reveal 4 or 5 options. In the name of brevity I chose only the last option (Eclipse 3.2 or something like that)
7. Approve when prompted

8. After the update is complete return to your project and select your build file > right click > Run As > Ant Build
Also you should see an ant icon to the left of your build file instead of a generic text file icon.


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