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A FUG is Born!

Nor Cal FUG has officially begun.

Thanks to all 15 attendees of the first Nor Cal FUG in Santa Rosa (really Sebastopol), California. It was a great first meeting.

In response to my posting on Craigslist regarding starting a Flex User Group (FUG) in the north bay I had expected 5 responses. Much to my surprise there were approximately 30 viable responses and a few more trickled in from word-of-mouth.
Finding a space that would not charge me $150/meeting took some time. Fortunately Marsee Henon from O’Reilly returned my call. O’Reilly is headquartered near by and, being the community minded organization that they are, offered to host NCFUG.

For our first training session, led by yours truley, we reviewed a few Flex components (Hbox, VBox, Text, Button, Image, and Script tag). Turned out to be a bit slow for the group. I’ll pick it up the pace next session.

Our first presentation, given by Ed Murphy from Conceptual Math, was on the Google App Engine as a RESTful backend for Flex. Great presentation and we are sure to hear more from Ed throughout the year.

If anyone is interested in presenting on Flex/Flash/Air related topics please send an email to and include a brief description of your talk.

Congratulations and thanks again to all the attendees for making this a success. Can’t wait til next month!


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