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Recently I have been working on Flex / Air apps for Arduino. For those who don’t know “Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform” that lets you start building your circuits instead of having to build a board for your microcontroller before you can build your circuits. This is my favorite “getting started with Flash and Arduino” site.

FlexGarduino is available on GitHub. It consists of a FlashBuilder4 project using the Flex 4 SDK (but Halo components) which interfaces with the Arduino (Duemilanove for me) board. Currently there are 3 input sensors; light, temperature, and moisture content of soil. The readings from these sensors are stored in a database.

The database is your standard AIR generated SQLite db stored on the local file system. I am using Elad Elrom’s SQLiteManager code to encapsulate the db calls/code.
I am using StandardFirmata on the Arduino board and a small breadboard to wire up the sensor circuits.
There is a basic LineChart instantiated in the main app which will display the readings taken by the sensors, providing a display that is much more meaningful than, say, a DataGrid.


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