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360 FLex | Atlanta – How to Succeed as an Independent Developer

Thank you Tom and John! It was amazing!

The 360 Flex session i was most looking forward to was Jesse Warden‘s Big and Famous: How to succeed as an independent developer, so i was a disappointed to hear that he was sick and would not be presenting/attending. His slides were on the usb drives that tom and john passed out and there is an epic post on his blog so i am not at a complete loss for insight from Jesse.

Instead the session was staffed by Doug McCune and Juan Sanchez. Thanks to both of you for filling in. It would have sucked to miss out on this topic completely and there was definite magic in that room. Hey, who ended up with the ‘Rock Band’ game anyway?

Here are some points that were raised repeatedly throughout the session
- Blog
- Stay up on the blogs of others
- Build off of the foundation created by the community
- Blog source code, well documented and high quality source code
- Brand yourself and be your brand

Let others know what you are doing, what you are passionate about, and what solutions you have come up with. Your own blog will build your brand by providing content and character.
Blog posts must have substance. They should offer insight. They must be worth the readers time.
Don’t get sucked into arguments. Some people will not like your posts, will not like u. That’s life. Move on.
Learn how a blog is cataloged by google so you can structure your blog in the most effective way.

Stay up on the blogs of others
The most current issues and solutions are found on the blogs of other developers. The best way to keep up with the community is to read blogs.

Build off the foundation created by the community
Leverage the efforts of others. Refactoring is an industry standard, don’t hesitate to piggy-back on someone else’s code where its appropriate. You can accomplish amazing things in small amounts of time by combining code from one place with code from another and adding some of your own. Doug champions this approach

Blog source code
Discussion of technical issues often requires source code. Make sure that your code is documented in your post and make sure that your code is tight. We have all run into sample code that doesn’t work. It is frustrating and time consuming. When your own code isn’t working the last thing you want is someone else’s broken code.

Brand yourself and be your brand
Brand yourself. Use your name (if it’s not Adobe Microsft ;) ). It will save you from having to constantly relay that you are ‘so and so . . . from brand x’. Instead you ARE brand x. Build your persona into the brand. Build your brand around your personality and passion.
Be your brand. A brand is part name recognition and part idea/ideal. Build a brand that embodies the concepts and traits that you like best about yourself and others. Be the guru/artist/thinker/satirist/doer that your brand embodies.
It feels good to invest in yourself. Take time to develop a logo and design business cards. Give yourself a title even if you have a real job. Make up your own title and then own it.

This is the inspiration for my blog. In the coming months i hope to take the advice presented at 360 Flex | Atlanta and turn ToddRothe into a full fledged brand.


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